Facelift Surgery – From £108 per month

As you age, your skin changes, loses it elasticity and sags, facial muscles, including those in your forehead and neck, become slack and you lose that youthful look, and the natural fat under the skin also sags, compounding the problem.

The rate this happens at varies on an individual basis, and there are some impacts that can be attributed to your genes. The stresses and strains of daily life, the effect of gravity and exposure to the sun also affect the skin quality of your face.

If you have had a significant weight loss this will also likely result in loose or sagging facial skin.

The rate your face ages does not necessarily reflect the rate that the rest of your body is ageing, and you may feel that the face you see in the mirror is older than you would have wanted or expected to see.

A facelift will yield the best results if it is done before the skin on the face and neck has started sag and wrinkle significantly and you have strong facial features and underlying bone structure.

Most people have facelifts in their 40s to 60s, but facelifts can be done successfully on people in their 70s or 80s, it is very much dependent on the individual.

In the hands of a good surgeon, it should not be obvious that you have had a facelift, but you should look younger, healthier, lively and more vital.

Performed in our state-of-the-art clinic in Glasgow, the procedure involves raising and repositioning the skin and soft tissue of the face. During the operation, Small incisions are made typically at the back of the ears or earlobes, or just above the hairline depending on the procedure you are undertaking. Using these incision site it makes it much easier to conceal any potential scars.

Excess skin is then removed, and the remaining skin is sewn into position, with fat and underlying tissues being re-positioned, and fat or fillers may sometimes added to the face during the procedure to give the optimum shape and facial proportions.

Brow Lift (From £94 per month)

Performed in our Glasgow clinic, the procedure involves lifting the brow itself and tightening the muscles which have been stretched over time, as well as tightening any loose skin in the area and reducing excess fatty tissue. Whilst brow lift surgery is often performed for purely cosmetic reasons, drooping brows and upper eye lids can affect vision in the most extreme of cases and this can be a quick and simple way to rectify the situation.

There are several variants of this procedure known as Open or Endoscopic Surgery. The procedure selected will depend on the desired outcome and the level of visible scarring that may be likely.

In the majority of cases your surgeon will shorten the muscles in your brow through an incision just above your hairline. The procedure lifts the forehead area and repositions your eyebrows for a younger look. Any scars will normally be hidden in your hair.

Neck Lift (From £108 per month)

During a standard “platysmaplastyneck lift your surgeon will make a small and discreetly hidden incision beneath your chin or behind the base of the ears depending on the procedure being done. These incisions are typically 1 cm in length. Through these incisions the surgeon will join both sides of the platysma muscle to each other by stitching them together with sutures. By joining them together, the muscle that was sagging tightens the muscles up under the chin, creating a single sheet of muscle, which acts as a barrier to neck bands forming.

As mentioned earlier, there may also be a requirement to remove excess fat using liposuction during the procedure, which can also be done through the existing incisions.

Before and After

Below are before and after images of a patients who has recently undergone Facelift Procedures.

Facelifts Glasgow, Browlift Scotland - Before & After


Just opened in August 2020, Persona are based in Glasgow’s city centre and operate from one of the most advanced cosmetic and surgical clinics in Scotland and the UK.

Persona Facial Surgery Clinic Glasgow


The cost for Face Lift procedures starts from £5,995 (From £108 per month) for a Mini MACS Lift

The cost of a Brow Lift procedure starts from £4,995 (From £94 per month) for a standard Open or Endoscopic lift.

The cost of a Neck Lift procedure starts from £5,995 (From £108 per month) for a stand-alone procedure.

In many cases these procedures are combined to give the best results and the savings of these combination procedures are passed on to the patient in the price.

Finance Options
You can spread the cost of your Face, Brow or Neck Lift procedure over 5 years. Please ask a member of our Glasgow team about finance options.

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